An Introduction To Auburn’s Most Famous Resident Of William H. Seward

When you hear the name Auburn, NY, what comes to your mind? The prison? The Finger Lakes region? How about the name William H. Seward? If that name does not band a bell, let me establish you the William H. Seward: an introduction to Auburn’s most famous resident. The William H. Seward was a famous lawyer, politician, and abolitionist who served as Secretary of State under the President Abraham Lincoln. However, there is a lot to his story than just politics.

Find out the rich history of Auburn through the life and bequest of William H. Seward

The born place of Seward was in Florida, NY, in the year of 1801. He actually spent most of his life in Auburn. He also studied school there, and practiced law, and also served as a New York State Senator before moving on to the national politics. Also, exploring Auburn’s rich history through the life and legacy of William H. Seward, NY, is tangled with the bequest and life of William. Also, the Seward was a generous contributor and community planner. He was active in the origin of Auburn Theological Seminary, and he was a follower of several other local associations.

Seward was a chief player in the anti-slavery interest group and was recognized as one of the most eloquent and adoring speakers on that subject. His well-known “abandoned clash” speech in the year of 1858 was really a crucial moment in the great introduction to the Civil War. But the contributions of Seward to Auburn did not stop over there. Even the residence of Seward in Auburn is recognized as the Seward House Museum.

At present, it is a National Historic Landmark and also an admired tourist destination. This residence is fully packed with work of arts and memorabilia from the Seward life, and it offers a skylight into what life was like in Auburn during the mid-1800s.

American history

The lasting bequest of William H. Seward in American history

Seward was also an advocate of patent destiny and thought that the United States had a responsibility to reach its principles and way of life all over the globe. Even the enduring legacy of William H. Seward in American history enlarges faraway ahead of the boundaries of Auburn, NY. As Secretary of State beneath the President Lincoln, Seward played a chief role in the Union’s victory in the Civil War.

He negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia, which was known as “Seward’s Folly” at the time, but now it is renowned as a savoir-faire political move. Today, the bequest of Seward lives on in numerous ways. The Seward Highway in Alaska is named in his respect, and it is the town of Seward, AK.